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I decided recently that I wanted to include a new feature on the blog. This feature is all about fellow creatives and people that inspire me. I wanted to give you an insight into their passions and inspirations also with some style tips added into the mix. Hopefully they will be people to inspire you too!

Bring on the first victim, Marie-Claire Ashcroft from Fluke Photography 


I met the lovely Marie-Claire and her sidekick Grandmaster Flashy from Fluke photography through the modern day wonder that is social media…


In essence Maz is a bubble of energy, enthusiasm and fun! She is a lovely little lady with bags of creativity and unique ideas. Having read many of the lovely comments on her website its clear that her many satisfied clients have the same views as me. 

Maz's style  I would describe as being individual, a mix of new and vintage, street and bohemian. 


Fluke photography mainly photograph weddings, music events, business events and does some head shot type things. But she is also interested in getting involved in any other types of creative adventures, like photographing for a kinky sex toy website to snapping at the Holi festival of colour. 


Fluke photography recently celebrated its first birthday. I too went along to celebrate by raising a glass… (several glasses) and the receiving of a gargantuan mouthful of birthday cake, by what can only be described as barbaric means!! 




Myself and Maz recently collaborated on some style shots for my blog and took the shoot to Liverpool. You can check out the pictures – Chasing light in the baltic triangle! I was totally chuffed with the results and we hope to do it again soon. More recently we headed to a photography studio to try out some different style shots.  I also got to try out my photography skills on Maz and Grandmaster Flashy. Hope you like the results! 


Here is an insight into Marie-Claire, style, inspirations and the things that generally make her tick…. You can also find out more about her daily adventures and musings on her blog theflukeyblog.


What do you love most about your job?

Freedom! I hated working for other people. Even if it started well the

novelty always wore off quickly. I am in control now – though admittedly

it's a bit scary at times! Plus the not having someone telling me what

to do isn't always a good thing haha.


What inspiration you?

The world around me – hard to pin point it and be specific. I get

inspired at the strangest times. Try to carry a note book with me most of the time to

write down the things I see or hear or the random thoughts which pop

into my head :)



Favourite photographers?

Ooooh so many and sooo many styles too: Nan Goldin, Francesca Woodman,

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Anton Corbijn, Nick Knight, David LaChappelle – to name a

few but could go on forever :)


Favourite music?

Again, I'm a bit all over the place here. It ranges from electronic -

chilled, deep and stomping, to indie-ish slash post-punk type stuff and

also old stuff like what I was listening to or my parents listened to

when I was growing up and also stuff that simply gets my bum wiggling!

Apparat, Foals, Tiefschwarz, Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y, Dominik Eulberg, Gui

Boratto, Metronomy, Friendly Fires, The Phantom Band, Trentemoller, Louis XIV,

Warpaint, Bowie, The Do, Elekrochemie, The XX, LCD Soundsystem, Depeche

Mode, The National, Pupkulies & Rebecca, Lower Dens, Maximo Park,

Kolombo, Blawan, Thomas Shcumacher, The 2 Bears are a few examples. I'm totally

in love Alt-J at the moment. I like to think I'm pretty open minded with new

stuff, my man chap has got me into even weirder stuff I'd never come

across too like Max Richter which my ears really like as well :)


Dreams or goals?

Well I had a dream of becoming a photographer so I'm having a go at

making that my living – that's where I'm focussing my efforts at the mo (pardon

the pun). I'd actually like to move to Liverpool in the near future as

it's a bit more lively and creative than where I live now yet close enough

to everyone. I'd like to maybe one day combine my photography and my

previous life as a linguist to be all creative abroad somehow. Other than

that there's pick up the piano again (not literally), learn to play bass

guitar, use my creativity to work with young people or the community for

some good as well as take over the world… But my motto is baby steps -

don't want to do that ALL at once hehe ;)


Favourite Film?

I don't have a lot of time for films or TV these days but I'm generally

into silly or surreal stuff like the Big Lebowski, Being John Malkovich,

Monty Python Stuff but then also Tarantino too – totally love True



An item you can't live without?

I think it's a camera, and not necessarily Mr.Flashy (but shhh, don't

let him read this) – sounds a bit cheddar but photography has gotten me

through so much sh#t. I've used it as a bridge to overcome shyness

(believe it or not), then used it to understand the world by freeze

framing it and taking it in as sometimes it all moves too fast. I've

gotten over break ups by throwing myself into it and also by using it as

another language – sometimes it's nice to say something that others may

interpret differently and I know I've said what I need to say and not

offended anyone; it's like a little code where I don't have to be too



Favourite place to be?

I've always felt very much at home in Berlin. It's got a bit of everything

I need: art, culture, depth, party and wrongness.


What do you wear to work?

I can wear what I want these days mwahahahaa but it depends on the job

really. I'm glad I don't have to do suits and shirts anymore so that's a

bonus but if I'm doing a wedding or something corporate I will respect

that and not turn up like a techno pixie but it's a mix of still being me

and being comfortable and also able to do the job without flashing at

anyone (the bum or boob sort this time)


Fashion tips or tricks?

Ummm, I think I am accidentally fashionable. I don't do trends, nor do I

have the money to do so – any money I have which hasn't gone on my new

venture tends to go on visiting new parts of the world or on curry and

beer! I think being yourself and being comfortable is my 'trick' – also

not giving a toss what other people think about you. I have so many

people say 'oh I wish I could wear that or do that' and I think just flipping do

it! I'm not insanely confident; I'm not stick thin or what you would call

traditionally pretty – I'm irritatingly curvy which guys seem to like but

it's a bugger for clothes but I think by not giving a toss and wearing

what you think is good gives you an air of confidence which a lot of

people find attractive and by wearing something a little different it just

makes you stand out from the crowd.

Maz Fluke photography 01

Maz Fluke photography 02

Maz Fluke photography 03

Maz Fluke photography 04

Maz Fluke photography 05

Maz Fluke photography 06

Maz Fluke photography 06B&W

Maz Fluke photography 07

Maz Fluke photography 09

Maz Fluke photography 08Maz Fluke Photography 19Maz Fluke photography 27Maz Fluke photography 39 

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Mad world!

Has the world gone mad!

What has the world come to when in the National news this week I learn that a school is banning triangular shaped flapjacks. All because a child was injured by one thrown by another pupil at lunch. Clearly this is health and safety gone mad, but hidden amongst that headline are actually two creative geniuses who should be recognised for their greatness. 

Firstly I am a connoisseur when it comes to any type of sugary treat and never in my cake/biscuit eating days have I consumed a triangle shaped flapjack. So I doff my baking hat to the creative baker that came up with the idea for a multi-functioning oaty snack; tasty, visually appealing and with a flick of the wrist a weapon that could take out an enemy’s eye in a wink! ;0)  Secondly the best excuse I could come up with to get myself out of lessons was a headache or a knee graze from a hopscotch mishap. But this year 7 pupil literally takes the biscuit with this one!

Dong Dong!  And in the news… Ant & Dec’s song “Let’s get ready to rumble” has made it to No1 in the charts.  Now I have nothing against the adorable duo but it was shit then and is most definitely shit now! It’s also apparent that the nations taste in music has worsened in the 19 years since its release, as it only made it to number 9 then. *Sighs*

On the upside it was announced in the press last week that Girls Aloud are to finally split. Let’s hope this humanitarian act from the girls will span the rest of their careers and they do not embark on any solo projects anytime soon.

News from JP HQ is that I am to embark on a musical journey of my own since purchasing an acoustic guitar from Ebay. My first lesson is this week… I am also going to be checking out some DJ’s and bands over the coming weeks, so will report back on my thoughts and findings.

Next post is a piece about Maz from Fluke photography who has taken some photographs of me which I have shown on the blog. This time it was me taking the pictures. Can't wait to show you!

Just a few of my favourite tracks I’m listening to at the moment.




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This is my first post for a while. Now I have no inclination to explain why this is so or think it is really of any interest! So I will just get on with the post. 

I have not actually written a film review before here on the blog or written a film review at all, so as this is my first I thought it only right to honour one of my favourite films "Drive".

Drive was released in 2011, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn and staring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.  First off before I lavish the film with praise I will confess that since watching Drive I have developed a HUGE crush/infatuation with Ryan Gosling. So ladies be warned! In-fact I have several male friends who will confidently admit to having a man-crush on the gorgeous Mr Gosling.

This uber cool thriller takes you from 0 to 100 minutes without taking its foot of the gas! Did I actually just write that…?!  Ryan Gosling play a mysterious hero with no name, known throughout the film as "The Driver" and "The Kid". He's a Hollywood stuntman who drives for the movies, is a part time mechanic and a highly skilled getaway driver with a hang-up for time keeping. This bi-polar character effortlessly transforms from a man with kindness and loyalty into a man who will fight or kill his enemy in an breath. 

As with all films with a hot guy and a car comes a girl, Irene, who is played beautifully by Carey Mulligan. Gosling falls quietly in love with his neighbour Irene, who is living as a single mum while her incompetent crook of a husband resides in jail. Do they fall in love and live happy ever after? Come on this is not some cheesy Rom com! Enter the hubby and a selection of suitably mean gangsters.

The gorgeous photography and intoxicating electro pop soundtrack, combined, enriches this sporadically brutal action packed thriller. Making for a overall cool, moody cult film. An absolute must see!  If you haven't watched this film then get downloading/renting/buying it now, you will be hooked from the opening sequence.

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A black mood

I was offered the opportunity of using a photography studio at Chester University in December to practice in. This was a first for me! I invited along the very talented Marie-Claire from Fluke Photography. Here are some of the pictures. 

The concept was "Girl with a dragon tattoo", which she pulled off and some…

My thoughts behind the styling for the shoot was to create a dark, badass attitude. So this for me, meant layers of black leather and chunky jewellery.  I curled my hair using tongs and plenty of hairspray and applied heavy black smokey kohl eyes. I finished off the monochrome look with a matt red lipstick. All make-up is Mac, which is definately my favourite brand, especially their eye-shadows, kohl pencil and lipsticks.

I'm so enjoying working and learning with creative people at the moment. Making the effort to spend time doing what you love is important and definately good for the soul. Exhibit J and my trusty Canon camera feeds my creative hunger, which the 9 to 5 job will just never do.

I hope you like them!

Exhibit J (22 of 102)

Exhibit J (67 of 102)Exhibit J (31 of 102)Exhibit J (55 of 102)Exhibit J (46 of 102)Exhibit J (49 of 102)Exhibit J (48 of 102)I just need to finish editing the photographs I took on the day. I will then be using these for my first mini biographical editorial feature. Can't wait to show you!

Wearing: Leather dress by Armani, Leather waistcoat Topshop, Ring LeJu designs, Faux fur snood Topshop

Thanks again Fluke photography you have done an amazing job! Flukey has a blog now so check it out,  http://theflukeyblog.blogspot.co.uk

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New year new post!

So enough is enough, I need to get back on to that blogging train! This post has taken far to long to write and I blame a very hectic Christmas and new year and generally just having an insane amount of fun. Unfortunately the repercussion of this much enjoyment is a neglected blog. So to Exhibit J I send my most sincere apologies.

At the beginning of January I started a new job, so I am currently away from home quite a bit and busy busy busy. My commitment to the blog is to post twice a week starting from…. now!

I am starting a new feature on the blog so keep checking in for the first of these posts… Lots of exciting times ahead for Exhibit J!

I haven't made any resolutions as such this January, but I plan on training for a half marathon, developing Exhibit J, working on my photography and finally my first tattoo is definately on the cards for 2013.

So a little late but Happy New Year!

Exhibit J (77 of 114)-bw

Warning warning adult content… Love this photo and the x rated graffiti make's me chuckle!

Photograph from the shoot in Liverpool with Fluke Photography.

Wearing: Coat Karen Millen, Doc Marten boots.

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